AIM HIGH LTD, Gutter & Window Cleaning Services
AIM HIGH LTD, Gutter & Window Cleaning Services
AIM HIGH (GB) Window Cleaning Services
AIM HIGH (GB) Window Cleaning Services

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a little about us

we had just moved into a beautiful victorian terraced town house

4 storey's sash windows just what we wanted

then something happened that scared us in more ways than one

a storm, rain bucketed down, wind coming hard from all directions

and water running through the ceiling of my daughters bedroom!

up into the loft i go expecting a loose or missing tile 

no all ok apart from water coming in by coming up the tiles

oh no whats going on

well it had to be a bucket that night to catch the water

i would investigate in the morning

and thats when i saw it a grassed up gutter garden full of water

i never thought when we moved about cleaning the gutters we have  no access to the rear so it appeared that i would need scaffolding 

to check the roof and clear the gutter

after speaking to a close friend and nieghbour who had had a similar problem

we decided to start aim high (Gb) 

using the latest space vac systems,light weight poles and state of the art monitoring systems

we are able to offer affordable gutter and window cleaning

so that large repair bill that almost happened to us can never happen to you.

we are the solution to all high reach cleaning

 a gutter a window a vent inside or out we can reach it we can clean it




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